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Where cutting edge science merges with ancient traditions and wisdom to be a guide in optimizing health for: fertility, pregnancy, postpartum, infancy & beyond!

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  • A "Mama Sense" Guide to Postpartum Nutrition (eCourse)
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  • Making "Mama Sense" out of Gestational Diabetes
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This class was informative and inviting. The Mama-Sense team is full of experience and are open to answering all questions. I would recommend this class to all expectant + new parents.

Beth G.

This workshop was extremely informative. The information provided sets mamas-to-be up for success. It is so important to know how to care for yourself and baby when pregnant. This workshop gives you the tools to do that. 

Stephanie P.

Very informative seminar that helped to reiterate the reason for healthy eating during pregnancy by explaining the pathology behind why we should be eating/drinking certain foods.

Caitlin C.